A Letter to My Addiction

Jim’s mom can’t stop crying and his dad is walking around with a haunted look on his face. The hell they’re going through is unimaginable. They wonder if Jim’s death was their fault. They will ask themselves “why,” goodbye letter to addiction and live with the scars of Jim’s death for the rest of their life. He didn’t realize that the struggle of getting out of the cocoon is exactly what it needed to be able to fly and live its new life as a butterfly.

dear addiction letter

What do you even write about? I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I guess you were right. You really do know what’s going on inside me. It does something to me that I can’t explain but it’s not something bad. I want the high that it gives, and I’ve found that what you sent isn’t really working. But I don’t want to ask for more. I feel disgusted at myself for asking.

A Letter for Families to Use with An Addicted Family Member

In fact, you stopped giving anything at all. You took almost everything away from me—my job, my family, my friends, and my happiness. Find Addiction Rehabs is not a medical provider or treatment facility and does not provide medical advice. The information provided by Find Addiction Rehabs is not a substitute for professional treatment advice. I once thought that I could not make it without you. Now, I am able to acknowledge and accept that you were the cause of all my misery and worry.

dear addiction letter

These alterations mean you’re not thinking right. Addiction twists your thoughts so that you focus on all the negatives- leaving you feeling sorry for yourself, or resentful, hateful and ashamed. These emotions allow you to justify your using, which results in feelings of depression and guilt. You promise yourself you’ll quit and then two hours later you’re out getting high again.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Help

You summed up addiction perfectly dearest Carl. We can see the devastating effects from the addiction, but the addicted person can’t see it.

  • Sure, there were times when I missed you when I felt weak or bored without you, but I was happy.
  • There is a saying that the hardest thing to do in life is to say goodbye.
  • The hardest thing about letting you go was putting myself first.
  • It’s scary and uncomfortable.
  • These same words may stop you from relapsing later on.

My family is falling apart because I’m not the good girl they thought https://ecosoberhouse.com/ I was. I changed so much that my parents have no idea who I am.