What Is Cognitive Dissonance? Definition and Examples

In the workplace, cognitive dissonance can contribute to lower job satisfaction. When there’s a mismatch between personal values, beliefs, or attitudes, and the organisational culture or job requirements, employees may experience internal conflicts, leading to reduced satisfaction with their work. Life is filled with situations that create dissonance every day. Someone may attempt to explain … Read more

New York Substance Abuse Programs Halfway House

While at an SLH, residents may be able to resume other aspects of their lives before recovery, such as work or family obligations. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) originated in the 1930s and provided the steppingstones for sober housing by requiring strict sobriety, participation in the community, peer support, and a 12-step program. However, AA did little … Read more

Blackouts as a Moderator of Young Adult Veteran Response to Personalized Normative Feedback for Heavy Drinking PMC

Men who said their mothers had a drinking problem were twice as likely to black out than women who said the same. If you have PTSD and use alcohol or drugs, you’re more likely to get a substance use disorder. When you have this condition, it’s very hard to control your use of substances. Substances … Read more

The rise of the sober curious: having it all, without alcohol Life and style

Content More Time for Self-Care Ready to begin your journey into recovery? You’ll Get the Opportunity to Repair Broken Relationships You’re less forgetful. Enjoy the Benefits of Sobriety with Help From Silver Linings! The rise of the sober curious: having it all, without alcohol If you find it difficult to avoid alcohol despite your best … Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Get Sober

Content How to Stay Sober You have more free time. Reasons Why You Should Get Clean and Sober During the Summer: No. 5 — You’ll Stay Cool Your mental and emotional health. The negative effects it has on your life, such as broken relationships or job loss, can also take a toll on your self-esteem. Through … Read more

Community Partners Clinical Addiction Research & Education CARE Unit

Content Prevention Services Some of the First Steps of How To Find Alcohol Rehab Boston MA More about Clinical Addiction Research & Education (CARE) Unit Substance Abuse Treatment for Boston If you think you may need rehab, choosing a detox and addiction therapy program is an important first step toward getting help for alcoholism and … Read more

Long-Term Effects of Meth Can Your Body Recover from Meth?

Coming down can cause difficult emotional and physical symptoms, such as depression and insomnia. As a result, meth addiction often follows a pattern of bingeing on the drug for several days at a time, followed by a crash. This means that people in recovery from meth addiction may have problems learning and controlling impulses. There … Read more

What Are Sober Living House Rules?

Content Attend Support Groups Sober Living Homes Sober Living Houses vs. Rehab Centers and Halfway Houses Supportive Where you’ll have your treatment Conversely, having a change of scenery and being safely away from temptation can facilitate faster healing. Residents may remain in a sober living home for as long as they want – if they … Read more