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If you think you may need rehab, choosing a detox and addiction therapy program is an important first step toward getting help for alcoholism and drug addiction and finding recovery from substance abuse. Though inpatient rehabilitation programs are frequently 28 or 30 days to 90 days long, the first part of all of them is detox. During detoxification, a treatment professional helps you to manage the symptoms of withdrawal that occur when you stop taking drugs or alcohol. A medical detox—as opposed to a non-medical detox—uses a program of medication to help you cope with withdrawal symptoms you may be experiencing.

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The two program types in this category are Supportive Housing and Community Housing programs. Programs provide 24-hour nursing care, under the consultation of a medical director, to monitor an individual’s withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs and alleviate symptoms. The Regional Centers for Healthy Communities (RCHCs) help build healthier communities by addressing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention and youth development issues at the local level.

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Landmark Recovery of Boston accepts most major health insurance providers on both a national and local level. Once detoxification is complete, treatment continues with individual and group therapy by licensed master-level counselors. The program starts with an initial assessment by a physician or nurse practitioner to determine whether detoxification or medication-assisted treatment is necessary. Boston Public Health Commission Executive Director Dr. Bisola Ojikutu issues a temporary order declaring substance use disorder and unsheltered homelessness as public health crises in Boston.

Patients are admitted in a hospital environment, which means around the clock monitoring by nursing staff and daily physician visit. This is the unique aspect of our program that by BSAS definition places us at a level IV category. Outpatient Counseling brighton sober living provides treatment for adults and adolescents, their families, and/or their significant others who are affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs. Clients are assisted in gaining and maintaining skills for a substance-free lifestyle.

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Specifically, each DAE program participant is provided with a structured group where they receive educational material to help them identify and understand alcohol addiction issues and drinking-and-driving behaviors. While the major focus of these programs is on alcohol, other substances are also discussed. The program provides 40 hours of services conducted over 16 weeks and includes an assessment, participation in self-help and victim-impact community meetings. Since 2006, Massachusetts has been a leader in the development of Recovery High Schools.

Case management services enhance access to care, provide additional support for clients to improve treatment outcomes and help clients develop community contacts and supports for long-term recovery. Opioid Treatment provides medically monitored treatment services for clients who are addicted to opiate drugs such as heroin or pain medications and have a history of chronic relapse. Opioid Treatment services combine medical and pharmacological interventions (such as methadone or buprenorphine) with professional outpatient counseling, education, and vocational services.

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We offer free no-obligation insurance benefit checks for those who are interested in our program. Our admissions team will speak with your insurer and get a detailed verification of your insurance benefits and share those details with you. Our nationally accredited substance use detoxification & treatment center is one of the most highly respected programs in the country.

They provide care in a diverse, culturally-sensitive, and non-judgmental environment. We currently have multiple full and part time positions available, all shifts, including nights and weekends. We are seeking experienced Master Level Clinicians, Clinical Supervisors, Case Managers, Recovery Specialists, and Peer to Peer support staff.