Poster Programme

1- The Global Minimum Tax
Australia – Heydon Wardell-Burrus

2- Time and Income Tax Law
Austria – Martin Klokar

3- Article 12B UN Model (2021) – A Model Distributive Rule for Income from Automated Digital Services
Austria – Christian Knotzer

4- VAT and Corporate Insolvency in the Light of EU Law
Austria – Markus Mittendorfer

5- Withholding Taxation in International and European Tax Law
Austria – Theres Neumüller

6- The Residence Concept of Individuals acc to Art 4 OECD-MTC under scrutiny considering generational differences
Austria – Viktoria Oberrader

7- Earmarked Taxes: A Treaty and EU Law Analysis
India – Ashrita Prasad Kotha

8- Ultimate beneficial ownership transparency in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria
India – Siddhesh Rao

9- The EU tax havens blacklist
Italy – Federica Casano

10- Enhancing Stakeholder Return on Invested Capital (ROIC) in International Tax Dispute Resolution through the Optimization of the Applicable Legal Framework

A Meditated Proposal based on Comparisons with International Commercial Arbitration, the Investment – State Dispute System and the World Trade Organization Dispute Mechanism
Italy – Stefano Castagna